Here are some useful posts for you to provide tips and advice from me to you to assist you in your journeys.

What Does Your 2020 Look Like?

There are only 6 weeks left in 2019 and now is the time to start reflecting on the past year and looking forward to 2020. Have you achieved everything you set out to in the last 12 months?

How Impactful Are The Hours You Spend

Time is a limited resource which many people struggle to control. However, once you do manage to free up a couple of hours, what do you do with them? How much do you complete in 2 hours?

The Importance Of Value

We all seek to gain value every day but how many of us even realise why? How can simply delivering value to others improve your relationships and build trust with ease? It is all about making value your priority.

Start By Finding You

To change the results that we’ve reached in the past, we must first change ourselves. Limiting beliefs can be overcome, weaknesses can be strengthened and you can keep developing throughout your lifetime.

5 Recording & Editing Tips

When creating videos for the first time, there are so many different things that you have to be aware of. Of course, practice makes perfect but everyone has to start somewhere and the more you know to start with, the sooner you can start making quality videos. Here are 5 tips for those of you just starting out that I fully recommend considering in every video.