Pre-Call Worksheet Tutorial
This tutorial has been created to assist anyone who is struggling to complete the Pre-Call worksheet created by David Pritchard. The objective of the worksheet is to provide some basic detail about where you are right now and what your next steps are. With this information, David can prepare more efficiently and effectively before the call to fully utilise the time you spend together.
“How Do I Fill In If I Am Not Sure What My Next Step Is?”
Answer: Quite simply, if you are unsure what your focus currently is, WRITE THAT DOWN! Similarly, if you are experiencing a problem in your journey but don’t know what you need to resolve it, let me know what your problem is and we can work together to get you past the obstacles.
“How Do I Fill In The Boxes On The Form From My Tablet Or Phone?”
Answer: This form is designed primarily to be filled in on a computer. However, it is possible to fill in the PDF on a tablet. Dependent on your device, you will have to save a copy of the form either into a files section or into an app (iPhone example: Books).