David Pritchard | Be Efficient Be Effective | Terms And Conditions

pricing queries & discounts

All pricing displayed on david-pritchard.com and other platforms are final. All prices and packages have been designed and created dependent on the value and demand for the services provided. If products are discounted for a limited time period, all details will be provided in the acceptance form or the welcome letter. Incomplete payments will be classed as no payment to a service.

payment plans & subscriptions

All services are available with payment plans arranged and agreed upon by both parties before services commence. If you are struggling with your payments, contact David Pritchard directly at ‘david@david-pritchard.com’ and ask for support. Any subscriptions in place will be expected reliably and failure to follow the agreed plan may result in the cancellation of your service.

UPgrades and packages

Upgrades are available between services within Be Efficient Be Effective at any time during your service. If you wish to upgrade, submit a new application or email David Pritchard directly at ‘david@david-pritchard.com’ with your request. All upgrades will be reviewed by David Pritchard before acceptance or rejection. Additional payment will then be requested before the upgrade is implemented.

cancellation policy

All services can be cancelled at any time by either party. If the coach decides to cancel the service for any reason, all clients will receive a confirmation via email and provide the reasoning behind the decision. If you wish to cancel your service, you must make contact with David Pritchard giving your reasoning for cancellation. Cancelling payment to services agreed without notice will not cancel services and may result in further services and relationships being dissolved.

be efficient be effective worksheets and resources

All worksheets and resources created by David Pritchard or Be Efficient Be Effective are to be used by paying clients only. We ask you not to duplicate or share these resources with other sources. Sales of our products and resources for profit by external members will result in copyright regulation breaches and fines to individuals involved. If you are unsure if you can share a resource, please contact David Pritchard directly at ‘david@david-pritchard.com’.

live call flexibility subject to change by both parties

Any live coaching calls with David Pritchard are subject to change by either party for any reason. All alterations should be agreed upon by both parties and made with at least 48 hours notice prior to any coaching calls. No reason is required for re-scheduling by either party.