Life Is 10% What Happens To You
And 90% How You React To It!
Charles R. Swindoll

Discover The Real You And Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself

“Are you happy? Do you have everything you’ve ever dreamed of? What actions are you actually taking to move forwards, towards your goals and aspirations? That’s where I come in! Whether you’re trying to grow your first business, you’re chasing your childhood dreams or you’re ready to step into a better version of yourself, I’m here to help!”

David Pritchard – Mindset & Productivity Coach


Imagine Your Dream Future

Imagination is everything. In fact, many believe your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions. Everyone has different visions but you can’t make your dreams a reality until you gain true clarity in as much detail as possible.
Map To Success

Plan Your Journey To Success

You wouldn’t jump in the car without a plan for your journey so why go about your life that way! Sure you will run into obstacles, roadblocks and maybe crash along the way but with a good plan, you can reach any destination.
Man Looking Over Landscape

Embrace Every Win And Learn

Celebrate every victory however big or small and learn from every mistake. A mistake is an opportunity to learn a lesson quicker than expected. Master imperfect action and you will be at the top before anyone else has taken their first step.

Don't Struggle Through On Your Own!

You never have to feel like you’re on your own. Having a coach who is on your side, helping you focus, stay motivated and holding your hand whilst you step forward into unknown territory is a game changer. Do you have dreams? Is there something you need to change in your life? Whether it’s a one-off coaching call to help you past an obstacle or ongoing support, a coach guides you on your right path!

What Can I Offer You?
Mindset coaching covers a wide range of different examples, from helping you break through your obstacles to getting out of your own way. The base of any strong foundation is a strong mindset from which you can launch yourself into whatever life throws at you.

A common difference maker I see between successful and unsuccessful people is vision. Unsuccessful people either go full-steam into something without any preparation or they over-prepare so much that they never take action through fear. Successful people start with gaining as much clarity as they can and make sure every step they make is in line with that vision.


Everyone has 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year. To reach heights other cannot, you must learn how you can best utilise the hours you spend moving forwards. A productive man can take a bigger step towards his dream in an hour then a busy fool can take in a week. 

What Do My Clients Have To Say About Me
Very friendly. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where you can talk openly about the challenges you are facing and get good advice.
The pre-call sheet is great as it allows you to write down what you really want to focus on so that you can make the most of your call.
Paula Knight


Very user friendly, very clear and polite and not too overwhelming. Also, the timing is always spot on, never late or overrunning.
It is definitely helping because it gives me a kick up the a**e to get on with stuff. Plus I don’t stress as much because I know deep down I will have a bit of help on a Tuesday which really helps.
James Russell