Want A Better Life For You & Your Family?

Who is David Pritchard?

I am nobody special. I am a 27 year old father, married to a wonderful woman & blessed with 2 perfect children ( & a fantastic puppy-dog!).  I’ve had my fair share of different jobs in my younger years, ranging from trainee manager positions in bowling alleys and supermarkets to grounds maintenance and electrician courses. In March 2019, I made the decision that trading my life away, working for someone else, lining their pockets and having little to no control over many factors of my career. From then onward, I have spent years improving my mindset, growing my skills and building my own business from scratch alongside fantastic mentors.

What is 'be efficient be effective'?

My first online coaching and marketing business created by me, myself and I in March 2019. It was named after a very valuable lesson I discovered along my journey; it is possible to be efficient in your life with your daily routines, your habits and the tasks you undertake. However, you cannot be efficient when it comes to people, whether that be coaching or otherwise. The main focus I set myself as a coach is to make sure I am maximising my effectiveness, even if it ends up being inefficient.

Would You Like To Free Up More Time?

It has never been easier to free up more time in our lives with the use of technology. However, there are also many different methods to eliminate time or effort in many areas of your life.

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Would You Like More Fulfilment?

Life without fulfilment is not a life lived to the full. We all NEED a reason to get out of bed Monday mornings and to achieve true happiness. Can you imagine if you could align your career with your passions? It is possible!

Would You Love More Freedom?

Whether you want time, financial or geographical freedom, anything is possible if you have the right drive and determination. Check out my resources on how to start creating your ideal situation.

Everybody needs a little guidance along the way and my mission is to help people like you achieve what you want out of life. It doesn’t matter whether you want to spend more time with your family, have millions in the bank or just have less stress in certain areas of your life.

Luckily, in March 2019, I found just the person I needed to start my journey:

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